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Find Articles

Journal, newspaper, and magazine articles contain current information, research, and issues in the news.

The Library subscribes to numerous article databases because PC Professors expect you to use scholarly resources like those found in subscription databases.



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-frequently used to search for articles on almost any subject

Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost)

Comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals

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-search for articles in journals from a specific discipline like Biology, History, Literature, Psychology, or Religion

Databases by Subject
Select a subject or discipline, then choose an appropriate database within that area.

Databases with Full Description
Provides detailed descriptions of ALL library databases in an alphabetical list


Off-campus or studying abroad?  PC students can access library databases from anywhere in the world by entering their PC Email account username and BannerWeb PIN when prompted. For Technical/Access Assistance, please contact Abigail Fuller at 833-7026 or email her at asrush@presby.edu.

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-PC databases index journal articles and e-book collections. Articles in these collections are assigned keywords & subjects that describe the information in the articles.

Search by entering keywords dealing with the information you seek to pull articles from a database. Connect multiple words with:

OR   to expand your results with a synonym...teen OR teenager OR adolescent

AND to narrow the number of resulting articles...gender AND sport

NOT to eliminate a term from your results...Mexico NOT New

Another strategy to expand your search results is to replace letters at the end of a word root with an asterisk *, for example:

teen* OR adolescen* finds more articles by including keywords like...teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, adolescent, adolescents, adolescence

Each database has a HELP screens, printing and e-mail options. Full-text articles may be available in HTML or PDF format through Journal Finder which is described below..


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Journal Finder

-displays titles of journals and the dates for which full-text articles are available to PC students

Database search results may provide HTML or PDF full-text or show a direct link to another database for the text of an article; for example, when searching in EBSCO, your results might show a link to "Full-text from Science Direct" for the article you need.

When "Check Journal Finder for full-text elsewhere" is the only option for an article, click the link to enter Journal Finder to see if the journal and date are available.

Full Text Resources Online means that some issues of a journal are available online in full-text. The dates available are provided by a Journal Finder search for the journal title.

Full Text Resources In Your Library means that some issues may be available in print journals in our library. A link will take you into the THOMCAT record for the journal showing available issues/dates. More on locating articles in print...

Indexing Only Resources are not full text online but could be borrowed through ILL.

-You can also browse journals and read articles in Journal Finder.


Thomason Library subscribes to thousands of journals with varying date coverage. Some articles you would like to use may NOT be available through Library subscriptions.


Your option for getting unsubscribed journal articles is to use Interlibrary Loan...


-PC students, faculty, and staff
may order materials that are not available at Thomason Library

Link to the ILL order form for a book or article. Allow 7-14 days for delivery.


Additional Information on Article Databases                                                           

Please ask a Reference Librarian if you have any questions or need help finding library materials.

Reference Desk Phone: -7080      Reference Desk e-mail:  libref@presby.edu


After you find books and articles on your topic, you may need more information. Your next step should be to Find More.


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Additional Information on Article Databases:

Databases are NOT the same as the Internet. Articles in library databases tend to be more reliable, thorough, and scholarly than most information on the Internet. The majority of scholarly research materials are hidden in publishers' databases and journals that search engine spiders can't retrieve. Presbyterian College pays for subscriptions to article and e-book databases which you can access through the Library website.

Many journal articles that you find in Google Scholar and other search engines are available to you because PC has a subscription. When you search from a lab computer you are recognized [by IP address] as a PC person and allowed to view articles. If you get passworded for access to the pdf or full-text while searching on the Internet, note the journal title/date/issue/page # you need and check Journal Finder's browse journals by title-full text function to see if you have access through PC subscriptions.

If you are off-campus, you may access library databases through the Library website by entering your PC Banner Web account username and password when prompted.


Finding articles in print journals at PC:                             back to top

After searching our databases and downloading PDF and HTML articles, you can determine if other articles in your search results may be available in print at PC, articles with only a citation or abstract in the database.

Follow the "Check Journal Finder for full-text elsewhere" link into Journal Finder where Full Text in your Library: Thomason Library Print Holdings means that PC has some print issues of the journal you need. Clicking on the print holdings link will take you into the THOMCAT record for the journal. The "LIBRARY HAS" line will give volumes and dates of issues available at PC. These print issues are on the Lower Level of the Library in alphabetical order by title.

Newspapers and many current periodicals are located on the main floor of the library near the 24 Hour Study. Older issues and volumes of journals and magazines are found in the stacks on the lower level near the main staircase. These journals are arranged alphabetically by title in the stacks. Using the citation from the database, you can locate the article by volume, issue, or date, and page number.

The Library has a Copy Center on the Main Level where you may make copies of articles.

Please ask a Reference Librarian if you have any questions or need help finding library materials.

Reference Desk Phone: -7080      Reference Desk e-mail:  libref@presby.edu

After you find books and articles on your topic, you may need more information. Your next step should be to Find More.

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